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Pearl Muchowich Pugh

Family Owned And Operated By The Turner Family Since 1938

Pearl Muchowich Pugh
February 15, 1919 - October 4, 2019

Pearl Welsch Muchowich came to Freeport when it was a small fishing village in the forties. She married Joe Muchowich, Sr. and later after his death married Jamie Pugh. She was a wonderful vibrant red-head full of energy and joy. She loved to travel. Once she traveled to Cuba, up the Amazon and North to Alaska. She was always a valentine girl because of her birthday. She sadly left this earth on October 4 to be with God and her family. We will always remember her because she truly lived 100 years and was very blessed to do it in her own home.

She is left by living family and friends: Joe Muchowich, Jr. , Sorona K. Muchowich, Carmela E. Bellott, husband, Flynn Bellott and children Fhillip Reyna, Catelynn Bellott, Sean Bellott, and Connor Bellott and neice, Marilyn Muchowich Stanley and close friend Mary Blaire.

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